Platina Medalje/Platinum Medal (Corporate Sponsor)

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Become a Platina Medalje/Platinum Medal Corporate Sponsor! After checkout, an email will be sent to you as an overview and to outline the next steps. This Corporate Sponsorship includes the below:

  • Company name, logo and link on the website
  • 3 Facebook and Instagram Post Shoutouts during the 2020-2021 skeleton season 
  • Framed Signed Photo for your office
  • Your name or company logo on my sled for the 2020-2021 skeleton season
  • A postcard from every track I compete/train at
  • 8 Sweden Sliding Rally Towels
  • 8 Sweden Sliding Sports Water Bottles
  • Your name or company logo on my helmet for the 2020-2021 skeleton season
  • Your company name in my Instagram summary for the 2020-2021 skeleton season
  • A PLATINUM Level Surprise Sweden Sliding Grab Bag! Trust me, its good!
  • One speaking engagement/appearance for a meet and greet with your company/team*

    To Contribute with a Business Check, please message Leslie via the Contact Form. 

    *Corporation/Company is responsible for covering travel expenses (flights/cars, accommodations, etc.) for Leslie for the speaking engagement/appearance.


    Photo: Viesturs Lacis/IBSF