Why Become A Supporter?

Why Sponsor?

Skeleton is almost one-hundred percent self-funded when it comes to expenses and there is only a little compensation involved (salary or race winnings). A typical skeleton season costs between 20,000- 25,000 USD and includes:

  • Equipment (runners, speed suit, shoes, tape, gloves, helmet)
  • Coaching 
  • Airline flights
  • Training runs (between $25-35/run)
  • Competitions (entry fees)
  • Transportation (rental car)
  • Accommodations (hotels, apartment rental)
  • Baggage fees (between $100-250/flight leg)
  • Gym fees

Travel takes place between the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Latvia and Norway. Leslie also plans the majority of her logistics and largely books all of this on her own. 

Your support allows Leslie to focus more on being an athlete, and less on the stress of having to find the means to train and compete at the highest level. Leslie's federation for sliding in Sweden, SweSliding/SweSports, is incredible and works so hard; but unfortunately, they do not have much funding as such a small sport as a small nation (as designated by the IBSF).

There are millions of other journeys to donate too and Leslie is beyond honored that you are considering hers.

Above Photo: Viesturs Lacis/IBSF